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Career counselors help clients explore career options and teach them the process of searching for a job. They administer career assessments, teach individuals and groups how to write a résumé, interview for jobs, and resolve workplace issues.As a counselor educator, I believe it is important to be intentional and clear about what we are training our counselors to do. At times they are counseling and planning (what their unique training provides), and sometimes they are consulting. Sometimes, career counselor trainees get into a rut of only providing consultation to clients, and not doing all the counseling they are capable of doing. If this is what the client needs, it is not wrong. At the base of a career counselor’s training are counseling skills – how to listen, be empathic, encourage development and wellness, or promote behavioral change, and so on. Being a career counselor means utilizing that base which is beyond consulting.

It may not be easy to decide what type of job will be the best fit, and since career counseling helps people assess their skills, needs, and desires in order to find a career that works for them, this type of counseling is considered to be an important step to take before deciding on a permanent career.The Career Personality Profiler is a comprehensive, scientifically validated career test that measures both your interests and your personality traits so you can find the right career for you.Who needs Career Counseling? Since career development is a lifelong process, Career Counseling can be appropriate for anyone, including freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and even alumni. The earlier you get started making intentional decisions about your future, however, the better prepared you will be!

Counselling is a broad field that aims at helping people and providing them with assistance with their mental health and well-being. There are several types of counselling that deal with different domains of an individual’s life, such as Marriage and Family Counselling, Rehabilitation Counselling, Mental Health Counselling, Substance Abuse Counselling and Guidance.In career counselling the individuals receive guidance from professional counselors that provide expert advice on the potentials, aptitude, motivations, skills and shortcomings with the use of carefully designed assessment tools.


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