Vastu for better living

Vastu is nothing related to religion it is a science of setting the things in order to maintain the balance of the five elements that are EARTH, FIRE, WATER, SPACE, and AIR to have a promising atmosphere and make the most benefit out of life. By Vastu, we basically mean a dwelling, which is the home for both god and humans in the most favorable manner. Vastushastra is based on various energies that come from the atmosphere like solar energy from the sun, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy. One should balance these energies to have prosperity, success, opportunity, and tranquility, and that can be done by following VASTU. When the house follows these principles of Vastu, the occupant relish all the contentment in their life. If it is against Vastu principals, it will be a place for all sorts of problems, worries, and no peace.


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